Do You Want Your Child to Have More Fun Playing Hockey?

We make hockey more fun by making it easier to play well.

PuckPros provides individualized hockey skill instruction tailored around the development needs of each player. Our focus in on one-on-one lessons, but we also teach group lessons, camps, and clinics, all divided by age and ability level.

Lesson and session plans are built from our comprehensive curriculum that follows the model of skills training recommended by USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, and the International Ice Hockey Federation.

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These are the Four Foundation Skills that form the base of the PuckPros curriculum. Within each skill area, we break it down into technical sub-skills and then put those sub-skills together to make a more skilled, more confident player.


hockey skating instruction

Skating is the foundation skill for any hockey player. If you can't skate well, you won't play well. We teach both power skating and finesse skating, breaking down each stride into the separate key movements that come together to make a great, powerful, fluid skater.

Sub-skill examples: Forward figure 8, inside edge; One-leg backward stop


hockey stickhandling instruction

Stickhandling is a critical skill requiring players to develop "great hands". Next to skating, mastering moving the puck accurately is key to a player's success. PuckPros utilizes unique teaching methods and drills to help players skate with a puck fluidly and keep it under control.

Sub-skill examples: Puck control, narrow and wide; Toe drag


hockey passing instruction

Passing is a cornerstone skill in hockey. Moving the puck with accuracy and speed enables teams to move swiftly and efficiently. Mastering perfect passes that go tape-to-tape make great hockey players, and impress coaches and fans.

Sub-skill examples: Moving forehand pass, puck off skate to stick


hockey shooting instruction

Shooting properly requires great skill, and you need to shoot effectively to score and win. We teach all the shots -- wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot, both forehand and backhand --and coaches create game-like scenarios to practice each shot.

Sub-skill examples: Tips, stick on the ice; Shooting fakes